NPS Completes Scaffolding on North Tower at Pfizer in Kalamazoo

Feb 5, 2021

Niles was awarded the Scaffolding for the North Water Tower in Kalamazoo in November of 2020. It took a team effort to get the scaffold layout designed, approved engineered drawings, and the material list ordered and sent to the site by the start date. The Niles Scaffold Team started off with a 5 man crew to get the base laid out and needed to build additional scaffolding for the adjacent tank and piping protection that the customer requested. After the first week, the team increased to 11 members to better assist with building and getting material as the elevation of the scaffold got higher. Our scaffold team completed the scaffolding in just over 3 weeks, with the assistance of 2 Beta Hoists to lift material and crane support to install the 28’ Trusses in the center of the scaffold. Our team used Scaf-Lite Scaffold Sheeting to enclose the scaffolding, and even though there was some high winds that caused complications, the team finished the enclosure and it worked great throughout the project. The overall circumference of the scaffold was over 1,200’, 135’ tall and had full stair access to the working levels. During the construction of the scaffold, the painters realized that they would not be able to access the center stem of the lower cone of the water tower. The scaffold team did some prompt thinking and came up with a plan for the painters to gain access to the stem and lower cone.