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Niles Plant Services serves a wide variety of industries across the manufacturing, commercial, institutional and governmental sectors.


Emerging technology and systems offer clients the best of all worlds. Technology is only as good as the systems supporting it...


What sets us apart from other safety companies is mobile simulator training capabilities and our extensive experience with...

Best-In-Class Safety, Scaffolding and Technology


Safety isn’t one thing.

It’s everything.

Safety isn’t just our top priority. It isn’t just everyone’s job. Or just something that is practiced at all times. Here, safety is everything. Because without it, nothing else matters.

We confidently perform many tasks that others cannot, or will not, because we know how to safely perform them. We know that we can safely perform required tasks in confined spaces, high places, or other hazards. And we do it in a safe and accident-free manner. When safety is routine, it becomes a competitive advantage.

Our first and most important asset is our people. One model that we follow every day is “CTH – Care, Trust, Help.” We have to take the time to CARE about one another; if we do that, we develop TRUST and once we have trust, we can HELP one another. That is intertwined with our strong culture of safety and is something that has continuously been a core value in our company. It is a key component to our success. Read more...